Why Play?

There's more to play than you may realize. As much as any other significant area of our lives, play is needed for a healthy, thriving existence.

Jeunesse Pearson, Founder & Play Instigator

1 2There are times in life when you meet people
who have qualities that make the meeting and connection an unforgettable experience. Jeunesse Pearson is one such extraordinary person.”
Gregory Kelly, Principal, Australia       


There's a new science around play, as doctors and leaders prove that play is the magic link between creativity, happiness, productivity, satisfaction, healthy relationships and more.

PlayFate offers classes, talks and coaching to help you rediscover the power of play. Play time leads to great other times: great work time, great family time, great self-discovery time. And all while having fun.

    Release Your Playful Spirit

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Rediscover the power of play so you can thrive and not just survive in life.

Have you been a reluctant or unwitting conformist, squeezed into someone else's vision? Well, it's time to start enjoying your life. It's time to release your extraordinary, breathtaking, playful soul.

Play is the simple superpower you've been missing. It's been waiting for you all along, beckoning you to live your most enjoyable, fullest, rewarding life.

Be Rejuvenated by Play

Be inspired to challenge limiting beliefs that play may be irresponsible or immature and rediscover that play is the key to your limitlessly joyful life.

Using the magic of play, PlayFate and Jeunesse Pearson help you live “the good life.” Recapture awe, wonder and unshakeable joy.

Navigating your time on earth doesn't have to be a boring, energy-draining struggle with you waiting for the time you'll finally get to enjoy life.

Enjoy Your Life NOW

Learn how to feel hopeful, joyful and optimistic about your life and discover that NOW is the right time to engage in the joy your life has to offer. Smile, laugh and learn while having a blast.

It's time to embrace play as an expression of your unique inner needs and desires. Play is the surest path to lasting sustainable joy. Play IS the WAY!

Jeunesse has worked with the popular
Canadian comedy troupe, The Comic Strippers

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